Why Choose Cambridge AS English Language?

The successful completion of the course will provide candidates with lifelong skills including: 

• the ability to write clearly, accurately, creatively and persuasively
• the ability to use appropriate styles and registers for different contexts
• the ability to analyse a variety of complex texts in a variety of forms and styles
• an understanding of language use to inform and persuade.

How are candidates assessed?

Advanced Subsidiary (AS) candidates take:
Paper 1 Passages Duration 2 hours 15 minutes / Weighting 50%


Paper 2 Writing Duration 2 hours / Weighting 50%

Aims of COLS AS English Language:

To provide a thorough, well-designed study of English Language

To provide a worthwhile and engaging educational experience for all students.

For the full aims and assessment objectives of the course, see the full syllabus provided by Cambridge.