Why AS Level Literature in English? 

AS Level Literature in English is accepted worldwide by universities and employers as proof of knowledge and understanding. 

The Aims of the COLLS AS Level English Language Course:

The successful completion of the course will provide candidates with lifelong skills including: 

  • the ability to write clearly and effectively 
  • skills in developing arguments 
  • skills in researching and managing information 
  • the ability to analyse complex texts in different forms and styles.

How are candidates assessed? 

  • Paper 3 Poetry and Prose
  • Paper 4 Drama. 

Overall, at AS Level candidates are required to study four set texts. In each paper candidates answer two questions, each on a different text. Candidates are required to answer questions on a range of poems, prose and plays, with options from the canon of English Literature and modern texts in English. Close study of all the texts chosen is needed in preparation for a choice of essay and passage-based questions.

Source: Go too Cambridge International for further information