Virtual Learning

Comprehensive On Line Learning Support’s Unique Accelerated, Blended Learning  offers the most effective  online  learning environment available today. No waiting for lessons in the post, no buying expensive text books, just simple, effective, fully online teaching and learning.


Blended learning:  Video, audio, images and text are combined to reach all learning styles.
Content:   Carefully selected and moderated  to cover syllabus requirements
Assessments:  Adapted to meet assessment objectives from GCSEs and AS Level Examinations
Feedback:  Immediate summative feedback on  quizzes  and personalised, formative feedback on written assignments with in 72 hours
Online Tutors: Ready to answer any question within 24 hours
Progress  reports: The identification of areas of weakness
LIVE  tutorial support: on request for specific needs

Education is changing into opportunities for learning online. So what are the benefits of online learning?

Study anywhere & at anytime

Whenever you want and whichever part of the world you are, you can do your online study, provided you have access to the internet.

Study using mobile

Online learning helps students to do their studies via mobile phones to which nowadays almost everyone has access to. So on your fingertip; you can access your course materials.

Available 24X7

The course material is always available online. So what ever your schedule, sporting commitment or even biorhythms - you can choose when to study

Cut the cost of Education

COLLS © is one the the most affordable options for homeschooling available. For as little $200 a month you can have a full high school curriculum available where ever and when ever you need it!

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